We welcome new members to the club;  you do not need to be an ex-serviceman or women to visit and the whole family is welcome.

We offer a range of traditional pub sports, including snooker and pool tables, several dart boards and there is weekly Bingo on a Tuesday.

For membership enquiries please call 01925 263819. Special rates are available for OAPs and ex-services. Members can invite friends and relatives but they must become members after three visits.

Golf & darts



GTRBL Golf Society was founded in 1999, playing once a month, usually on a Sunday.

Our team has its own league, playing to win up to 4 GTRBL trophies, throughout the Spring and Summer months.

Games are played at various courses and participation fees apply to cover, course fees, competition prizes and food.

For further information, or If you would like to join our friendly but competitive team, either click on the link below or call our Treasurer - Liam Ward on 07796348178 Or email gtrblgs@gmail.com 



Our darts team play in the Grappenhall & District League.

We play in both Summer league (501) and  Winter league (around the board).

Matches are every Monday from 7.30.  Open to all levels of players.

For further details, contact our Team Captain - Liam Ward on 07796348178.




Our club has a strong snooker reputation and many of our members are avid players.

We have 3 outstanding match tables that are regularly serviced and maintained.

Our snooker team play in both Winter league (division 2) and Summer league, with varying handicaps from -28  to +50

Practice sessions take place on Tuesday evenings and matches are usually played on a Thursday, alternately playing at home and away.

The tables are available for everyone to play and we always welcome new

members on the team.

You can follow our teams progress and keep up to date on players and fixtures by clicking on the link below.

If you are interested in getting involved with snooker at GTRBL, why not come down on practice or match evenings and meet some of the team.  

Alternatively, you can send a message to gtrblsnooker@gmail.com




Any paid-up member of the Grappenhall & Thelwall Royal British Legion (GTRBL) will have fishing rights to a small farm pool near Appleton called Black Duck Pits. This was bequeathed to GTRBL by a local businessman around 1945 for the military personal who had served in the second World War as a place of solitude, peace and quiet to help them to recover from their ordeals.

The Pits are shaped like a figure of eight separated by a small footbridge, the front Pit being the deeper of the two with both containing Roach, Rudd, Bream, Perch, Tench and Carp. In the GTRBL Members bar there is a 14 lbs 7oz Pike mounted in a glass case, this fish was captured by Mr H Hughes on 13th September 1953, unfortunately there are no longer any Pike in the two Pits.

Black Duck Pits



Today the Pits are still fishable although the banks and fishing stages require some maintenance. GTRBL have very recently agreed to allow Lymm Angling Club Members to fish the water and in return Lymm AC will provide the required work to repair and replace the damaged banks and fishing stages and they will bailiff the water to deter poaching and protect the water and it’s stocks. 

In the autumn this year (2019) the Environmental Agency (EA) will conduct a survey and health check of the water and all being well we will be allowed to restock the water under the instruction and permission of the EA.



To fish the water all is required is for the GTRBL member to hold an Environmental Agency Rod Licence and a GTRBL Membership Card which must be shown when requested by other members and bailiffs.

Further details, rules and the location of the water can be found in the Members bar of GTRBL Club.

For further information on our Fishing Section, send us a message.

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Grappenhall & Thelwall Royal British Legion